Retrieving Web Images to Enrich Music Representation paper full ieee ppt

RETRIEVING WEB IMAGES TO ENRICH MUSIC REPRESENTATION paper full journal ieee ppt Abstract: Audiovisual media which integrates visual media with audio to enrich music representation, such as music video (MV) or music slideshow, is now more welcome than only audio. In this paper, we proposed a novel approach to automatically retrieve web images appropriately suitable to a given music song. In this approach, an imageability measurement is first proposed to select those meaningful words and phrases from lyrics, as queries for further image search. Then, considering the possible ambiguities of queries may cause web image search engines to return images with various semantic concepts, we also introduced a search result clustering (SRC) - based strategy to select those images which are more likely to be relevant to the content of music, using a naïve Bayesian inference. Preliminary evaluations of the proposed approach on around 100 popular English music songs have shown promising results.

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