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Simple Statistical Algorithm for Biological Sequence Compression Paper Presentation

Seminar Papers Presentations IEEE ppt topics abstract on Simple Statistical Algorithm for Biological Sequence Compression (Seminar Paper Presentations)
Abstract: This paper introduces a novel algorithm for biological sequence compression that makes use of both statistical properties and repetition within sequences. A panel of experts is maintained to estimate the probability distribution of the next symbol in the sequence to be encoded. Expert probabilities are combined to obtain the final distribution. The resulting information sequence provides insight for further study of the biological sequence. Each symbol is then encoded by arithmetic coding. Most compression algorithms fall into one of two categories, namely substitution compression and statistical compression. Those in the former class replace a long repeated subsequence by a pointer to an earlier instance of the subsequence or to an entry in a dictionary Experiments show that our algorithm outperforms existing compressors on typical DNA and protein sequence datasets while maintaining a practical running time.

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Shortest Path Computation in a Transmission Line Network Seminar Ppt

Seminar Papers Pharmacy Presentations technical IEEE ppts topics abstract on Shortest Path Computation in a Transmission Line Network (Seminar Paper Presentations)
Abstract:In this paper a generalized algorithm has been developed to find the shortest path in a transmission line network. The selected network or graph for the proposed algorithm has the ability to traverse a network or graph with any complex structures, with any number of nodes and with any number of paths this algorithm has been developed by considering the source node as the starting node and designation node as the end node.

Dijikstras’s algorithm is used to find the closest node from the source node. The proposed software is developed, tested and verified with an example. The problem of finding efficient routing algorithm has been a fundamental area, in the field of a transmission line network. Routing is the act of transform the power from source to destination.

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