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Oct 21, 2011

Ant Colony Optimization Ppt topic | Ant Communication Carrier Seminar Papers

Paper Pharmacy Presentations technical seminar ppts topics Abstract papers on Ant Colony Optimization ( Ant Communication Carrier )
: The complex social behaviours of ants have been much studied, and computer scientists are now finding that these behaviour patterns can provide models for solving difficult combinatorial optimization problems. The attempt to develop algorithms inspired by one aspect of ant behavior, the ability to find shortest paths, has become the field of ant colony optimization (ACO). The ant colony optimization algorithm (ACO), introduced by Marco Dorigo, in the year 1992, is a probabilistic technique for solving computational problems which can be reduced to finding good paths through graphs. This paper presents an overview of this rapidly growing field, from its theoretical inception to practical applications, including descriptions of many available ACO algorithms and their various applications to solve NP-Hard Problems. In this paper, we also discuss the Travelling Salesman Problem.
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