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Jul 31, 2013

Computer Based Copyright Control System in Social Network paper presentation

Paper Presentation on Computer-Based Copyright Control System in Social Network and An Ordinal Measure Based on Gray Scale Value ( Paper Presentation )
:In social network, more and more video websites were appeared around the world, and everyone can upload or download the media freely. Therefore, it brings some content security problems, such as piracy, sensitive contents’ disclosure and so on. This paper proposes a system to detect the media which is prepare to be uploaded. First we should initialize a Media Feature Database (MFD) which contains numerous Media Features (MF) of the certificated media contents. When a media is preparing to be uploaded, our system will check the media’s feature to make sure that whether this media’s feature has already existed in the MFD. If conflict accrued, the system will prevent the uploading. Else, the uploading will be allowed and the MFD will be updated when the uploading finished. Based on this system, this paper proposes a method of the MF’s extraction- ordinal measure based on gray scale value. The experiment shows that this method is robust and efficient.

Keywords-copyright control system; media feature database; ordinal measure; gray scale value; social network