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Digital Image Copyright Protection by Using Watermarking Technology paper ppt

Digital Image Copyright Protection by Using Watermarking Technology
Abstract: Digital watermarking system is a paramount for safeguarding valuable resources and information. Digital watermarks are generally imperceptible to the human eye and ear. Digital watermark can be used in video, audio and digital images for a wide variety of applications such as copy prevention right management, authentication and filtering of internet content. The proposed system is able to protect copyright or owner identification of digital media, such as audio, image, video, or text. The system permutated the watermark and embed the permutated watermark into the wavelet coefficients of the original image by using a key. The key is randomly generated and used to select the locations in the wavelet domain in which to embed the permutated watermark. Finally, the system combines the concept of cryptography and digital watermarking techniques to implement a more secure digital watermarking system.

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A Perceptually Tuned Watermarking Scheme for Color Images ppt

A Perceptually Tuned Watermarking Scheme for Color Images
Abstract—Transparency and robustness are two conflicting requirements demanded by digital image watermarking for copyright protection and many other purposes. A feasible way to simultaneously satisfy the two conflicting requirements is to embed high-strength watermark signals in the host signals that can accommodate the distortion due to watermark insertion as part of perceptual redundancy. The search of distortion-tolerable host signals for watermark insertion and the determination of watermark strength are, hence, crucial to the realization of a transparent yet robust watermark. This paper presents a color image watermarking scheme that hides watermark signals in most distortion-tolerable signals within three color channels of the host image without resulting in perceivable distortion. The distortion-tolerable host signals or the signals that possess high perceptual redundancy are sought in the wavelet domain for watermark insertion. A visual model based upon the CIEDE2000 color difference equation is used to measure the perceptual redundancy inherent in each wavelet coefficient of the host image. By means of quantization index modulation, binary watermark signals are embedded in qualified wavelet coefficients.

Index Terms—CIEDE2000, color image watermarking, color visual model, just noticeable color difference (JNCD), just noticeable difference (JND), perceptual redundancy.

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Steganography Digital Watermarking seminar paper topics

Seminar Papers Pharmacy Presentations technical IEEE ppts topics abstract on Steganography and Digital Watermarking (Seminar Paper Presentations)
Abstract: This paper attempts to give a brief overview of Steganography & digital water marking in general. Emphasis is made to expose the different techniques that can be carried out on Steganography. It also gives a brief description of Digital watermarking and its characteristics and finally concludes with the differences between Digital watermarking of images pictures and Steganography .Steganography means hidden or invisible messages. It’s been one of the powerful techniques over the past few decades which provide security from the illegal access.
For network distribution services of copyrighted digital data (such as pay web distribution of musics, or digital libraries), the possibility of illegal redistribution due to some licensed user, who obtained the data in a legal way from the server, should be considered. Such actions cannot be prevented by use of encrypted communication only. To prevent the illegal copying itself is not realistic, because digital data can be in general copied easily, without decreasing its quality. An alternative solution investigated recently is ``digital watermarking'', which is a technology to embed some auxiliary information into digital data.
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Seminar presentation on Digital Watermarking with modern Stenography

Seminar Papers Pharmacy Presentations technical IEEE ppts topics abstract on Digital watermarking with modern incarnation of steganography (Seminar Paper Presentations)
Abstract: A robust, computationally efficient and blind digital image watermarking in spatial domain has been discussed in this paper. Embedded watermark is meaningful and recognizable and recovery process needs only one secret image. Watermark insertion process exploits average brightness of the homogeneity regions of the cover image. Spatial mask of suitable size is used to hide data with less visual impairments. Experimental results show resiliency of the proposed scheme against large blurring attack like mean and Gaussian filtering, non linear filtering like median, image rescaling, symmetric image cropping, lower order bit manipulation of gray values and loss data compression like JPEG with high compression ratio and low PSNR values. Almost as discreetly as the technology itself, digital watermarking has recently made its debut on the geo-imaging stage.

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