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Jan 29, 2014

Matrix Converter-Based Unified Power-Flow Controllers: Advanced Direct Power Control Method

Abstract—This paper presents a direct power control (DPC) for three-phase matrix converters operating as unified power flow controllers (UPFCs). Matrix converters (MCs) allow the direct ac/ac power conversion without dc energy storage links; therefore, the MC-based UPFC (MC-UPFC) has reduced volume and cost, reduced capacitor power losses, together with higher reliability. Theoretical principles of direct power control (DPC) based on sliding mode control techniques are established for an MC-UPFC dynamic model including the input filter. As a result, line active and reactive power, together with ac supply reactive power, can be directly controlled by selecting an appropriate matrix converter switching state guaranteeing good steady-state and dynamic responses. Experimental results of DPC controllers for MC-UPFC show decoupled active and reactive power control, zero steady-state tracking error, and fast response times. Compared to an MC-UPFC using active and reactive power linear controllers based on a modified Venturini high-frequency PWM modulator, the experimental results of the advanced DPC-MC guarantee faster responses without overshoot and no steady-state error, presenting no cross-coupling in dynamic and steady-state responses.

Index Terms—Direct power control (DPC), matrix converter (MC), unified power-flow controller (UPFC).

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Jan 13, 2012

Paper presentation on Flexible Alternating Current Transmission Systems

Seminar Papers Pharmacy Presentations technical IEEE ppts topics abstract on FACTS (Seminar Paper Presentations)
Abstract:FACTS is an acronym for Flexible Alternating Current Transmission Systems.The philosophy of FACTS is to use power electronics controlled devices to control power flow in transmission network, thereby allowing transmission line systems to be loaded to its full capacity.
Power electronic controlled devices such as static Var compensators, thyristor controlled series compensators, unified power flow controller. Among this static Var compensators, have been used in transmission network for many years.These devices are used for dynamic control of voltage, impedance and phase angle of high voltage AC transmission lines.
The benefits of utilizing FACTS devices increase the better utilization, reliability and availability of transmission systems.It increases the quality of supply systems.FACTS devices are environmentally friendly. They contain no hazardous materials and produce no waste or pollutants.

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