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Automated Testing Of Embedded Systems Paper Presentation full

Seminar Papers Presentations IEEE  topics abstract full on Automated Testing Of Embedded Systems (Seminar Paper Presentations)
Abstract: Embedded systems are part of crucial real-time applications and are widely used in complex, time crucial projects like rocket launching and nuclear power development projects. So whatever be the design complexity and sophistication, the designed systems should be put to use with utmost guaranteed performance unless which huge losses can incur.

Embedded system is simply a combination of hardware and software that performs the component of a larger system. An embedded system employs a combination of hardware & software (a “computational engine”) to perform a specific function; works in a reactive and time-constrained environment. A software component called as Real-Time Operating Systems makes the hardware counterpart work accordingly.

The more appropriate the automated testing strategy, the more powerful will be the system.

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Linux in Embedded Systems Paper full Presentation

Seminar Papers Pharmacy Presentations technical IEEE ppts topics abstract on Linux in Embedded Systems (Seminar Paper Presentations)
Abstract:The embedded system is a combination of computer hardware, software and, perhaps, additional mechanical parts, designed to perform a specific function. A good example is an automatic washing machine or a microwave oven. Embedded systems need only the basic functionalities of an operating system in real-time environment-a scaled down version of an RTOS. They demand extremely high reliability plus the ability to customize the OS to match an application's unique requirements. However, commercial RTOSes, while designed to satisfy the reliability and configuration flexibility requirements of embedded applications, are increasingly less desirable due to their lack of standardization and their inability to keep pace with the rapid evolution of technology. The alternative is: open-source Linux. Linux offers powerful and sophisticated system management facilities, a rich cadre of device support, a superb reputation for reliability and robustness, and extensive documentation. Also, Linux is inherently modular and can be easily scaled into compact configurations.
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Design Languages for Embedded Systems Paper presentation

Seminar Papers Pharmacy Presentations technical IEEE ppts topics abstract on Design Languages for Embedded Systems (Seminar Paper Presentations)
Abstract:Embedded systems are application-specific computers that interact with the physical world. Each has a diverse set of tasks to perform, and although a very flexible language might be able to handle all of them, instead a variety of problem-domain-specific languages have evolved that are easier to write, analyze, and compile.
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