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Jul 25, 2018

Air Brake System seminar paper

Paper Presentation on Air Brake System
ABSTRACT: Air brakes are used in commercial vehicles, which require a heavier braking effort than that can be applied by the drivers foot. The following layout shows the arrangement of the air braking systems in heavy vehicles. Compressed air from compressor passes through the unloader valve and maintains its pressure. This air is stored in the reservoir. From the reservoir it goes to the Brake Chambers through many brake valves. In the brake chamber this pneumatic force is converted into the mechanical force and then it is converted into the rotational torque by the slack adjuster, which is connected to S-cam. This torque applies air brakes. Pipelines connect the brake system components.

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Adapative Control System

ABSTRACT: In an ideal scenario of intelligent machine tools the human mechanist was almost replaced by the controller. During the last decade many efforts have been made to get closer to this ideal scenario, but the way of information processing within the CNC did not change too much. The paper summarizes the requirements of an intelligent CNC evaluating the advancement of technology in this field using different adaptive control systems. In this paper a low cost concept for artificial intelligence named Knowledge Server for Controllers (KSC) is introduced. It allows more devices to solve their intelligent processing needs using the same server that is capable to process intelligent data. The KSC concept is used in an open CNC environment to build up an intelligent CNC.

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3D Machine Vision Systems

ABSTRACT: Machine vision refers to applications in which the PC automatically makes a decision based on visual input from a camera. Machine vision is a term typically used in industrial manufacturing, where applications range from culling blemished oranges from a conveyor belt to saving lives by inspecting to ensure that the correct drug capsule has been placed in the package before the product is shipped to the pharmacy. Three dimensional vision based measurement systems have made their presence into production metrology applications, notably in the electronics field. However, in the more traditional fields of durable goods now dominated by hard gauges and CMMs, 3D optical systems has been hindered by perceptions and real limitations. This paper will review where 3D vision is today, and what advances have been made to enable more quantitative, shop floor metrology applications. The field of 3D machine vision is a less established field, but one that is actively growing today. Three dimensional vision based measurements have come a long way in the past few years, moving from purely visualization tools that generate attractive color pictures, to serious measurement tools. These 3D systems include laser scanning, structured light, stereo viewing, and laser radar just to name a few.

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Aug 5, 2016

Journal Full Paper ppt on Cryogenic Grinding

Cryogenic Grinding pdf full abstract presentation paper journal ppt
Abstract:Plastic, elastic, and heat-sensitive materials have properties that make fine grinding quite difficult, which can create additional process and performance difficulties. With cryogenic size reduction, Linde offers a process which economically pulverizes many different materials with low-temperature gases. This process can provide benefits such as reduced energy costs and increased production rates. Cryogenic gases provide flexibility across a wide range of grinding temperatures. For example, carbon dioxide is traditionally used for cooling in the spice industry. The process usually utilizes fine impact mills, although other types of milling systems can also be applied. Linde has decades of experience in the application of cryogenic grinding in customers‘ facilities. This expertise includes the selection, implementation, and optimization of suitable cryogenic grinding processes.

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Jul 26, 2016

Miniaturization of Mechanical Systems Full Paper

Miniaturization of Mechanical Engineering Systems pdf full abstract presentation paper journal ppt Abstract: This paper will offer an overview of evolution of miniaturization of engineering systems and devices that was initiated a half century ago. The trend of further miniaturization of devices to the ultimate atomic scale will not only continue it will become a dominant technological development in the first half of the new century if not longer. Such development will require significant changes in every aspect of design and manufacture, as well as production management over traditional engineering practices. Production of miniaturized device components and engineering systems of micro- and nanoscale is clearly beyond the capability of current machine tools. Shaping device components of complex geometry in micrometer scale with high dimensional accuracy requires the use of specific and carefully controlled physical-chemical processes. Many of these processes result in adverse or intrinsic effects that need to be accounted for in early stage of design considerations. The nature of the minute sizes of these products also creates many problems in assembly, packaging and testing.

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Jul 22, 2016

Intelligent Car Control and Recognition Embedded System paper full

Intelligent Car Control and Recognition Embedded System pdf full presentation paper journal ppt Abstract: There is presented control system design with autonomous control elements focused on field of automotive industry in the paper. The main objective of this document is description of the control and monitoring system with integrated image processing from the camera. The images obtained from the camera are used for recognizing routing and traffic situation. During system proposal we focused our attention on integration of components for the car control units using CAN bus and industrial Ethernet. The communication interface between driver and car integrated system is carried out by process visualization on the LCD touch panel.

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Jul 21, 2016

Driving without wheels and Flying without wings seminar paper

Driving without Wheels, Flying without Wings full presentation paper journal ppt
Abstract: This paper “Driving without wheels, Flying without wings” deals with the present scenario of magnetic levitation (maglev) with Linear induction motor (LIM) .The magnetically levitated train has no wheels, but floats-- or surfs-- on an electromagnetic wave, enabling rides at 330 miles per hour. By employing no wheels, maglev eliminates the friction, and concomitant heat, associated with conventional wheel-on-rail train configurations. There are two basic types of non-contact Maglev systems Electro Dynamic Suspension (EDS), and Electro Magnetic Suspension (EMS). EDS is commonly know as "Repulsive Levitation," and EMS is commonly known as"Attractive Levitation." Each type of Maglev system requires propulsion as well as "levitation." The various projects above use different techniques for propulsion, but they are all variations of the Linear Induction Motor(LIM) or Linear Synchronous Motor (LSM).The conversion to a linear geometry has a far greater effect on induction motor performance than on that of synchronous motors. The cost of making the guideway is a high percentage of the total investment for a maglev system. The comparison looks even better for maglev when the terrain becomes difficult. Many of the tunnels, embankments, and cuttings necessary for roads and railroads are avoided because maglev guideways can be easily adapted to the topography. The Maglev system requires a slightly larger start-up capital construction cost, its operating cost-- because it deploys electricity in electromagnets in an extraordinarily efficient manner, rather than using as a fuel source coal, gas or oil-- can be one-half that of conventional rail. The crucial point is that maglev will set off a transportation and broader scientific explosion. Key words: Magnetic levitation , Levitation , Propulsion , Linear induction motor(LIM).

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Jul 4, 2016

Body Area NanoNetworks with Molecular Communications in Nanomedicine

Body Area NanoNetworks with Molecular Communications in Nanomedicine journal download
Abstract-Recent developments in nano and biotechnology enable promising therapeutic nanomachines (NMs) that operate on inter- or intracellular area of human body. The networks of such therapeutic NMs, body area nanonetworks (BAN2s), also empower sophisticated nanomedicine applications. In these applications, therapeutic NMs share information to perform computation and logic operations, and make decisions to treat complex diseases. Hence, one of the most challenging subjects for these sophisticated applications is the realization of BAN2s through a nanoscale communication paradigm. In this article, we introduce the concept of a BAN2 with molecular communication, where messenger molecules are used as communication carrier from a sender to a receiver NM. The current state of the art of molecular communication and BAN2 in nanomedicine applications is first presented. Then communication theoretical efforts are reviewed, and open research issues are given. The objective of this work is to introduce this novel and interdisciplinary research field and highlight major barriers toward its realization from the viewpoint of communication theory. 

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Feb 26, 2015

Artificial Passenger Full Paper

Abstract: To overcome the problems due to accidents like crashes, deaths and injuries IBM introduces a new sleep prevention technology device called as ‘ARTIFICIAL PASSENGER’ which was developed by Dimitry Kanevsky and Wlodek Zadrozny.
        This research suggests that we can make predictions about various aspects of driver performance based on what we gleam from the movements of a driver’s eye and that a system can eventually be developed to capture this data and used to allow people when they are driving as become significantly impaired by fatigue. In this paper we are going to discuss about introduction, background of invention, why such systems used, advantages, devices used, architecture, applications, future enhancement and conclusion.   

Design and Visulization of Space Colony Full Paper

Abstract: Lewis One is a qualitative space biosphere design. It is intended to house 10,000 residents in a cylinder large enough for a 1g rotating habitat module and construction facilities to reproduce the module. The shielding, exterior, and construction bays are non-rotating. Lewis One is compared to the Bernal Sphere space colony designed in the 1970’s. Lewis One is visualized using state of the art computer graphics hardware and software to produce a three dimensional, animated, lighted, shaded, texture mapped surface model. One may interactively ‘fly’ outside and inside the structure to examine features of interest. Interactively controlled planar cutaways at any location and/or orientation are available. Visualization provides insight into, and feedback on, the design to drive improvements and communicate design concepts.

Ethical Hacking Paper Full

Abstract: The explosive growth of the Internet has brought many good things: electronic commerce, easy access to vast stores of reference material, collaborative computing, e-mail, and new avenues for advertising and information distribution, to name a few. As with most technological advances, there is also a dark side: criminal hackers. Governments, companies, and private citizens around the world are anxious to be a part of this revolution, but they are afraid that some hacker will break into their Web server and replace their logo with pornography, read their e-mail, steal their credit card number from an on-line shopping site, or implant software that will secretly transmit their organization's secrets to the open Internet. With these concerns and others, the ethical hacker can help. This paper describes ethical hackers: their skills, their attitudes, and how they go about helping their customers find and plug up security holes. The ethical hacking process is explained, along with many of the problems that the Global Security Analysis Lab has seen during its early years of ethical hacking for IBM clients.

Dec 16, 2013

Latest Tele-immersion paper presentation topic

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Paper Presentation on Tele-immersion (Seminar Paper Presentations)

Abstract: Tele-immersion is an advanced form of virtual reality that will allow users in different places to interact in real time in a shared simulated environment. This technology causes users to feel as if they were in the same room. The tele-immersion technology uses a "tele-cubicle" which is equipped with large screens, scanners, sensors, and cameras. The tele-cubicles are linked together in real-time so that they form one larger cubicle. Through the virtual environment, participants are able to interact with other group members. Also, virtual objects and data can be passed through the walls between participants, and placed on the shared table in the middle for viewing. Tele-immersion has the potential to significantly impact educational, scientific, manufacturing, and many other fields.
• Interactive Scientific Visualization
• Molecular Engineering
• Virtual nuclear test.
• Education and Training
• Virtual classroom.
• Army training.
• Art and Entertainment.
• Virtual game
• Industrial Design,
• Architectural Review and Evaluation
• Remote design collaboration
All of these researchers use Internet 2.Internet 2 is the successor to the "commodity Internet", as the existing Internet is now known.

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Oct 29, 2013

Millipede A MEMS-Based Scanning-Probe Data-Storage System seminar paper

Paper Presentation on Millipede - A MEMS-Based Scanning-Probe Data-Storage System (Seminar Paper Presentation)
Ultrahigh storage densities of up to 1 Tb/in.2 or more can be achieved by using local-probe techniques to write, read back, and erase data in very thin polymer films. The thermo mechanical scanning-probe-based data-storage concept called Millipede combines ultrahigh density, small form factor, and high data rate. After illustrating the principles of operation of the Millipede, a channel model for the analysis of the readback process is introduced, and analytical results are compared with experimental data. Furthermore, the arrangement of data-storage fields as well as dedicated fields for servo and timing control is discussed, and system aspects related to the readback process, ultiplexing, synchronization, and position-error-signal generation for tracking are introduced. Finally, the application of ( ) modulation coding as a means to further increase areal density is presented, and the effect on the user data rates discussed.

Index Terms—Atomic force microscope, high-density data-storage system, MEMS, modulation coding, probe storage, servo control, thermomechanical write/read/erase, timing recovery.

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Paper presentation on Slient Sound Technology

Paper Presentation on Slient Sound Technology (Seminar Paper Presentation)
Abstract: The Silent sound technology is a perfect solution for those people who have lost their voice but wish to speak on mobile phones. This technology helps to detect every lip movement and converts the electrical pulses into sounds signals and sends those signals avoiding the surrounding noise which may cause disturbance. This is going to be a good solution for those who have lost their intensity to speak. The main aim of ‘Silent Sound’ technology is to notice every movement of the lips and convert them into sound so that the information can be transferred in audio form, which could allow people to make silent calls without bothering about other people. Rather than making any sound, your handset will transfer the movements your mouth makes which will measure the muscle activity with the help of that handset then convert this into audio speech that the person can hear on the other end of the call on phone. So, it reads your lips. This new technology will be very helpful whenever a person loses his. voice while speaking and it also allows people to make silent calls without disturbing others. This technology can also be used in the military sectors for sharing secret matters with other people. It provides a PIN number which can be given to a trusted person so that the listener can hear a clear voice on the other end.

Keywords: pulses, muscle activity, silent calls

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Aug 14, 2013

Mind Uploading Paper Presentation full download

Paper Presentation on Mind Uploading ( Paper Presentation )
Abstract:- The Terasem Mind Uploading Experiment is a multi-decade test of the comparability of single person actual human consciousness as assessed by expert psychological review of their digitized interactions with same person purported human consciousness as assessed by expert psychological interviews of personality software that draws upon a database comprised of the original actual person's digitized interactions.
Keywords: Mind; mindware; consciousness; artificial intelligence; mind uploading; Turing Test; personality capture; Popper; psychology; cyber-psychology; bioethics; medical ethics.