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Millipede A MEMS-Based Scanning-Probe Data-Storage System seminar paper

Paper Presentation on Millipede - A MEMS-Based Scanning-Probe Data-Storage System (Seminar Paper Presentation)
Ultrahigh storage densities of up to 1 Tb/in.2 or more can be achieved by using local-probe techniques to write, read back, and erase data in very thin polymer films. The thermo mechanical scanning-probe-based data-storage concept called Millipede combines ultrahigh density, small form factor, and high data rate. After illustrating the principles of operation of the Millipede, a channel model for the analysis of the readback process is introduced, and analytical results are compared with experimental data. Furthermore, the arrangement of data-storage fields as well as dedicated fields for servo and timing control is discussed, and system aspects related to the readback process, ultiplexing, synchronization, and position-error-signal generation for tracking are introduced. Finally, the application of ( ) modulation coding as a means to further increase areal density is presented, and the effect on the user data rates discussed.

Index Terms—Atomic force microscope, high-density data-storage system, MEMS, modulation coding, probe storage, servo control, thermomechanical write/read/erase, timing recovery.

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