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Body Area NanoNetworks with Molecular Communications in Nanomedicine

Body Area NanoNetworks with Molecular Communications in Nanomedicine journal download
Abstract-Recent developments in nano and biotechnology enable promising therapeutic nanomachines (NMs) that operate on inter- or intracellular area of human body. The networks of such therapeutic NMs, body area nanonetworks (BAN2s), also empower sophisticated nanomedicine applications. In these applications, therapeutic NMs share information to perform computation and logic operations, and make decisions to treat complex diseases. Hence, one of the most challenging subjects for these sophisticated applications is the realization of BAN2s through a nanoscale communication paradigm. In this article, we introduce the concept of a BAN2 with molecular communication, where messenger molecules are used as communication carrier from a sender to a receiver NM. The current state of the art of molecular communication and BAN2 in nanomedicine applications is first presented. Then communication theoretical efforts are reviewed, and open research issues are given. The objective of this work is to introduce this novel and interdisciplinary research field and highlight major barriers toward its realization from the viewpoint of communication theory. 

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Milling Machine Paper presentation full

Seminar Papers Pharmacy Presentations technical IEEE ppts topics abstract on Milling machine paper presentation full  (Seminar Paper Presentations)
: Milling machines were first invented and developed by Eli Whitney to mass produce interchangeable musket parts. Although crude, these machines assisted man in maintaining accuracy and uniformity while duplicating parts that could not be manufactured with the use of a file.
Development and improvements of the milling machine and components continued, which resulted in the manufacturing of heavier arbors and high speed steel and carbide cutters. These components allowed the operator to remove metal faster, and with more accuracy, than previous machines.
Variations of milling machines were also developed to perform special milling operations. During this era, computerized machines have been developed to alleviate errors and provide better quality in the finished product.
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Nano Electro Mechanical Systesms (NEMS) Paper Presentation

Seminar Papers Pharmacy Presentations technical IEEE ppts topics abstract on NanoElectro mechanical Systems (Seminar Paper Presentations)
Abstract: NEMS ( nano electro mechanical systems) a sophisticated branch of technology which is capable of realizing all the long envisioned goals of modern science through the help of already nurtured branches, MEMS(micro electro mechanical systems) and nano technology.

Briefing about MEMS and NEMS we can say that MEMS is a new and exciting area in mechanical engineering which uses the technology developed in the fabrication of integrated circuits in order to make micro-scale mechanical devices. Where NEMS requires circuits that are to be fabricated on nano scale. Major requirements of these nano devices to be met are preconditioned in order to attain optimization of the resources used.
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Nano Generator to Power Nano Devices paper presentation topic

Seminar Papers Pharmacy Presentations technical IEEE ppts topics abstract on Nano Generator to power Nano Devices (Seminar Paper Presentations)
Abstract:Materials Science research is now entered a new phase where the structure and properties of materials are investigated, characterized and controlled at the nanoscale. Though as sophisticated as their larger counterparts, these devices are still burdened because they rely on an outside power. The size of the entire device is determined by the size of the power source. Batteries and other traditional sources are too large, and tend to negate the size advantages of nano devices. Also, batteries being used at present require toxic chemicals and have to be replaced periodically. To overcome these challenges; researchers are finding alternative ways to power nano devices. One promising development is the nano generator. In this talk, we specially emphasized application of nano generators, importance of nanowires in building a nano generator. Nanogenerator allows us to harvest or recycle energy from many sources to power these devices. The nanogenerators take advantage of the unique coupled piezoelectric and semiconducting properties of zinc oxide nanostructures, which produce small electrical charges when they are flexed.

KEYWORDS: Nano wire, Low power miniature sensors, Piezoelectric effect, Electric power, VIBES (Vibration Energy Scavenging)
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Seminar Presentation on Pill Camera Technology

Seminar Papers Pharmacy Presentations technical IEEE ppts topics abstract on Pillcamera (Seminar Paper Presentations)
Abstract:Endoscopy is a minimally invasive diagnostic medical procedure used to assess the interior surfaces of an organ by inserting a tiny tube into the body, often, but not necessarily, through a natural body opening. Through the scope one is able to see lesions and other surface conditions
This paper mainly projects the applications and advantages of the PillCam that has brought a revolution in the field of endoscopy.
The PillCam capsules are miniaturized disposable color video cameras encased in a plastic shell, which incorporate one or more specially developed imaging devices based on complementary metal oxide semiconductors_(CMOS)_technology. About the size of a large vitamin, the capsule is made of specially sealed biocompatible material that is resistant to stomach acid and powerful digestive enzymes. Another name for this new technique is Wireless Capsule Endoscopy.

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A Nanotechnological Approach to Contaminated Water Treatment

Seminar Papers Pharmacy Presentations technical IEEE ppts topics abstract on A Nanotechnological Approach to Contaminated Water Treatment (Seminar Paper Presentations)
Abstract:Scarcity of water, in terms of both quantity and quality, poses a significant threat to the current and future well-being of people worldwide, but especially to people in developing countries. Sustainable water management is a critical aspect of addressing poverty, equity, and related issues. Science and technology has a role to play in contributing to the development of new methods, tools, and techniques to solve specific water quality and quantity problems. Projects that meet economic, social, and environmental criteria can contribute to sustainable management of water resources and improve access to clean water for poor people in developing countries. This paper provides an overview of water treatment devices that incorporate nanotechnology; some of these are already on the market while others are still in development. The paper then explores potential environmental and health risks, risk governance issues, and socio-economic issues regarding the potential use of nanotechnology to improve access to clean water and basic sanitation.

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Nano Technology: The Future on a Pin-Tip Paper Presentation

Seminar Papers Pharmacy Presentations technical IEEE ppts topics abstract on Nanotechnology: The Future on a Pin-Tip (Seminar Paper Presentations)
Abstract:The field of molecular electronics or CAEN(Chemically Assembled Electronic Nanotechnology) seeks to perform functions in electronic circuitry, now-a-days performed by semiconductor devices. Nanotechnology will make us healthy and wealthy though not necessarily wise. In a few decades, this emerging manufacturing technology will let us inexpensively arrange atoms and molecules in most of the ways permitted by physical law. It will let us make supercomputers “that fit on the head of a pin” and fleets of medical nano-robots smaller than a human cell able to eliminate cancer, infections, clogged arteries, and even old age. People will look back on this era with the same feelings we have toward medieval times. The progress of technology around the world has already given us more precise, less expensive manufacturing technologies that can make an unprecedented diversity of new products. Nowhere is this more evident than in computer hardware: computational power has increased exponentially while the finest feature sizes have steadily shrunk into the deep submicron range.

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Molecular Nanotechnology Seminar abstract full

Seminar Papers Pharmacy Presentations technical IEEE ppts topics abstract on Molecular NanoTechnology (Seminar Paper Presentations)
Abstract:Any Organization has an explicit or implicit code of ethics rules that its members are expected to follow. We expect merchants to be honest, police men to be honorable and librarians to be informative. There are at least three ethical systems that are commonly used to administer different types of resources. Defending against loss is best achieved by Guardian ethics, which include that use of force and deception.
Nanotechnology presents a wide range of problems and opportunities, not just diverse issues, but different kinds of issues. Many of these issues have arisen already with older technologies and institutions. Some of the issues are new, and even the old issues take on new urgency when they occur in new combinations.Nanotech will make most exiting products quite a bit more powerful and flexible, it will probably also allow the creation of new products and even new ways of manufacturing and distributing products.
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Nano Particles in the Drug Delivery paper presentation

Seminar Papers Pharmacy Presentations technical IEEE ppts topics abstract on Nano particles in the Drug Delivery (Seminar Paper Presentations)
Abstract: Nanomaterials are at the cutting edge of the rapidly developing area of nanotechnology. The potential for Nanoparticles in cancer drug delivery is infinite with novel new applications constantly being explored. Multifunctional Nanoparticles play a very significant role in cancer drug delivery. The promising implications of these platforms for advances in cancer diagnostics and therapeutics form the basis of this review.
The paper exhibits recent advances in cancer drug delivery. Cancer has a physiological barrier like vascular endothelial pores, heterogeneous blood supply, heterogeneous architecture etc. For a treatment to be successful, it is very important to get over these barriers. Nanoparticles have attracted the attention of scientists because of their multifunctional character. The treatment of cancer using targeted drug delivery Nanoparticles is the latest achievement in the medical field. Various Nanodevices can be used without any side effects. They mainly include Cantilevers, Nanopores, Nanotubes, Quantum Dots (QDs), Nanoshells, Dendrimers and Biodegradable Hydrogels.
The paper mainly represents all the possible ways of treatment of cancer using various Nano devices.

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Nano electronics Single Electron Transistor Paper presentation abstract

Seminar Papers Pharmacy Presentations technical IEEE ppts topics abstract on Nano electronics Single Electron Transistor (Seminar Paper Presentations)
Abstract: The shotgun marriage of chemistry and engineering called “Nanotechnology” is ushering in the era of self-replicating machinery and self-assembling consumer goods made from raw atoms. Utilizing the well understood chemical properties of atoms & molecules, nanotechnology proposes the construction of novel molecular devices possessing extraordinary properties. The single electron transistor or SET is a new type of switching device that uses controlled electron tunneling to amplify current.
By using the “Electron beam lithography” and “Electromigration”, the research leads to the designing of a single atom transistor with the help of the meticulously synthesized semiconductor crystals called “quantum dots”, which embodies the electrons confined in a channel and resembles same in its properties as an real atom.
This paper presents a scenario on existing and ongoing studies on NANO ELECTRONICS with the theoretical methods relevant to their understanding. Most of the preceding discussion is premised upon the implicit assumption. That future quantum effect Nano Electronic Devices will be fabricated in Nano Meter scale using molecules. Conductance quantization in ballistic regime has been described under various conditions. The behavior of “Coulomb Island” through which the electrons can only enter by tunneling through one of the insulators is presented.

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Nano Technology in Biomedical Application paper abstract full download

Seminar Papers Pharmacy Presentations technical IEEE ppts topics abstract on Nano Technology in Biomedical Application (Seminar Paper Presentations)
Abstract: To lead a healthy human life, barriers to it are minimized by miracle thinking. This is the special and interesting concept of “inserting a chip into human body” for monitoring and controlling the biological activities of body. for this purpose,3 chips are placed in the human body.chip1back ups the data from brain,chip2 monitors the blood vessels and chip3 monitors endocrine glands’ secretions. These chips are controlled and operated externally through control centre. we propose this concept by using client-server model. Implementing this concept will pave the way for healthy human life and reduction in dependency of humans on machines.

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Nano Machines ppt seminar paper presentations

Seminar Paper Pharmacy Presentations IEEE topics Abstract papers on Nano Machines Paper presentation Nano Machines Ppt download Nano Technology abstract
Abstract: Nanotechnology is the manipulation of matter on the nanoscale. A nanometer is a very small measure of length-it is one billionth of a meter, a length so small that only three or four atoms lined up in a row would be a nanometer. So, nanotechnology involves designing and building materials and devices where the basic structure of the material or device is specified on the scale of one or a few nanometers. Ultimately, nanotechnology will mean materials and devices in which every atom is assigned a place, and having every atom in the right place will be essential for the functioning of the device.
The kinds of product that could be built will range from microscopic, very powerful computers to super strong materials ten times as strong as steel, but much lighter too, food to other biological tissues. All these products would be very inexpensive because the molecular machines that built them will basically take atoms from garbage or dirt, and energy from sunshine, and rearrange those atoms into useful products, just like trees and crops take dirt, water and sunshine and rearrange the atoms into wood and food.
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Pill Camera Abstract papers | Nanotechnology Application Pill Camera Paper presentation

Paper Presentations technical seminar Abstract papers on Pill Camera Using Nano Technology Application
Abstract: The aim of technology is to make products in a large scale for cheaper prices and increased quality. The current technologies have attained a part of it, but the manufacturing technology is at macro level. The future lies in manufacturing product right from the molecular level. Research in this direction started way back in eighties. At that time manufacturing at molecular and atomic level was laughed about. But due to advent of nanotechnology we have realized it to a certain level. One such product manufactured is PILL CAMERA, which is used for the treatment of cancer, ulcer and anemia.

It takes pictures of our intestine and transmits the same to the receiver of the Computer analysis of our digestive system. This process can help in tracking any kind of disease related to digestive system. Also we have discussed the drawbacks of PILL CAMERA and how these drawbacks can be overcome using Grain sized motor and bi-directional wireless telemetry capsule .Besides this we have reviewed the process of manufacturing products using nanotechnology. Some other important applications are also discussed along with their potential impacts on various fields.

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