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Jan 29, 2014

DC/DC Boost Converter Functionality in a Three-Phase Indirect Matrix Converter

Abstract—An indirect matrix converter (IMC) connected with two input power sources is proposed: a gasoline generator as the main ac power supply and batteries as the secondary power source.
The IMC is small in size because of having a dc-link part without an electrolytic capacitor. The dc-link part is utilized by connection with a boost-up chopper with batteries as a secondary input power source. Furthermore, the chopper connects to the neutral point of the motor and utilizes the leakage inductance of the motor as a reactor component. The proposed technique successfully further
reduce the size of the converter by removing the boost reactor in the boost converter stage. The proposed converter is simulated and experimentally validated using a 750-W prototype and an induction motor driven with V/f control. The total harmonic distortion of the input and output currents are 4% and 3.7%, respectively, and the efficiency is 96%.

Index Terms—Boost-up chopper, leakage inductance, neutral point of a motor, three-phase ac/ac converter, zero-vector switching.

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Jan 15, 2012

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition ppt

Seminar Papers Pharmacy Presentations technical IEEE ppts topics abstract on Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (Seminar Paper Presentations)
Abstract:”The Energy is neither created nor destroyed” and the energy is generated, transmitted, distributed and finally utilized. At every stage certain supervision, control and protection is necessary. This paper deals with basic SCADA system, its components, basic block diagram, functions, applications and advantages of SCADA.
SCADA helps in monitoring the system and have alarm generation facility incase of faults, which helps in real time analysis. This paper deals with the data logging ability of SCADA enabling off line analysis. Thus remote control over power system is achieved by SCADA, which is effectively depicted in this paper.
This paper is an attempt to highlight the features of SCADA, which is a revolutionary development in automotive monitoring and control of process. The need for SCADA as well as its hierarchical structure has also been mentioned in the paper. The component of SCADA, which is divided into two parts hardware and software, has also been taken in detail. Features of the SCADA such as simulation options, data import and export function has also been taken into account. A criterion for economic operation of grid as well as states in which it operates has also been considered. Security and reliability which is a prime factor for automated systems has been explained to us.

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