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Tongue Drive System to Operate Computers seminar topic full

Paper Presentation on Tongue Drive System to Operate Computers - A New Tongue-Operated Assistive Technology (paper presentation topics)
The "Tongue Drive" is a wireless, noncontact tongue-operated assistive technology developed for people with severe disability for Computer Access and to control their environment such as wheelchairs and other devices simply by using their tongue. The tongue is considered an excellent appendage in severely disabled people for operating an assistive device. Tongue Drive consists of an array of Hall-effect magnetic sensors magnet secured on the tongue. The sensor movements of a cursor on a computer screen or to operate a powered wheelchair, a phone, or other equipments. signals are transmitted across a wireless link and processed to control the mounted on a dental retainer on the outer side of the teeth to measure the magnetic field generated by a small permanent tiny magnet, size of a grain of rice, is attached to an individual's tongue using implantation, piercing or adhesive.

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