Oct 21, 2011

4G Technology Seminar papers download | Paper presentation on 4G Technology

Paper Pharmacy Presentations technical seminar ppts topics Abstract papers on 4G Technology
: There is a great demand of user needs for accessing more interactive multimedia application like video on demand and seamless connection while moving from one network from other without any disturbance and maintaining the high data rate at lower cost. Current technologies are able to provide the services like multimedia applications but they failed to provide high data rate, transmission cost and seamless connectivity on user mobility from one network to another and at the same time maintaining its Quality of Service (QoS).
Some groups namely; 3GPP, 3GPP2, and WiMAX are working to achieve the key aspects of the 4G technology which has been defined in IMT Advance. The major components of the 4G technology are OFDM modulation, transmission of data using MIMO, use of smart antennas, SDR, IPV6 and IP Mobility. It is expected that the groups (3GPP, 3GPP2, and WiMAX) will achieve key components and will successfully deploy 4G technology by 2011.
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