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Oct 26, 2011

Eye Interface Technology abstract Electro Oculography seminar paper

Seminar Paper Pharmacy Presentations technical Ieee ppts topics Abstract papers on Eye Interface Technology (Electro Oculography-Control Computer with eyes)
Abstract:Today the use of computers is extended to every field. Many sophisticated devices like touch screen, track ball, digitizers etc made interaction with computer ease from novice to professional.
      But physically disabled individuals are deterred from using computers due to their inability to control mouse. However, if directional discrimination of an icon can be achieved, quadriplegics can take the function of a mouse without the use of hand.
     In this paper I come before with a new model of based on Electro-Oculography which uses Electro-oculogram Bio potential amplified signal to control computer.I also discuss its implementation details, including software and hardware design.
    As my contribution to this paper I introduce a new keyboard design, some modifications in design to overcome the drawbacks in existing model.
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