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Oct 28, 2011

Haptic Technology abstract paper download

Seminar Paper Pharmacy Presentations technical Ieee ppts topics Abstract papers on Haptic Technology ( A touch Revolution paper presentation)
: Engineering as it finds its wide range of application in every field not an exception even the medical field. One of the technologies which aid the surgeons to perform even the most complicated surgeries successfully is Virtual Reality. Even though virtual reality is employed to carry out operations the surgeon's attention is one of the most important parameter. If he commits any mistakes it may lead to a dangerous end. So, one may think of a technology that reduces the burdens of a surgeon by providing an efficient interaction to the surgeon than VR. Now our dream came to reality by means of a technology called “HAPTIC TECHNOLOGY”. Haptic is the “science of applying tactile sensation to human interaction with computers”. In our paper we have discussed the basic concepts behind haptic along with the haptic devices and how these devices are interacted to produce sense of touch and force feedback mechanisms.

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