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Oct 27, 2011

Paper Presentation on iMouse ieee seminar abstract

Seminar Paper Pharmacy Presentations technical Ieee ppts topics Abstract papers on IMOUSE (Integrated mobile surveillance and wire-less sensor system)
: Incorporating the environment sensing capability of wireless sensor networks into video based surveillance systems can pro-vide advanced services at a lower cost than traditional surveillance systems .The inte-grated mobile surveillance and wireless sen-sor system (iMouse)use static and mobile wireless sensors to detect and then analyze unusual events in the environment.
The remarkable advances of micro sensing, micro electromechanical sys-tem (MEMS) and wireless communication technologies have promoted the develop-ment of wireless sensor networks .A WSN consists of many sensor nodes densely dep-loyed in a field, each able to collect envi-ronmental information and together able to support multihop ad hoc routing.
Traditional surveillance systems typi-cally collect a large volume of videos from wallboard cameras, which require huge computation or manpower to analyze. Inte-gration WSN’s sensing capability into these systems can reduce such overhead while providing more advance, context –rich ser-vices. For example, in a security application, when the system detects an intruder, it can conduct in depth analyses to identify the possible source.

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