Oct 14, 2011

Smart Textiles paper presentation | Microelectronics Textile Seminar papers

Paper Presentations technical seminar papers on Integrating Microelectronics in Textiles
Abstract: Textiles are used in everyday life, for example as garment to protect ourselves from heat or cold, fabrics covering the surfaces of floors, or the upholstery of car seats.On the other hand electronic devices are spreading – but still some people do not have the knowledge to use them. Some have reservations about these devices. So the next step to spread these electronics is to improve the user interfaces. If an electronic device is integrated in things we already use it is easier to accept.Smart textiles could offer improved interfaces and make it easier for the user to accept electronic devices in everyday life.

Large area textiles could be used outside for drainage and irrigation in agriculture, in buildings sensor systems within textile reinforced concrete could be used to detect cracks after earthquakes. Another possibility of use could be sensors that control air conditioning or electronics that are used as guiding systems in case of emergency. Industrial textiles with electronics may prevent breakdowns due to abrasion of conveyor bands.

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