Oct 16, 2011

Socket Interface paper presentation | Application Interface seminar report full

Paper Pharmacy Presentations technical seminar ppts Abstract papers on Socket Interface using TCP/IP Protocols
We must have an interface between the application programs and the protocol software in order to use network facilities. My seminar is on a model of an interface between application programs and TCP/IP protocols. The standard of TCP/IP protocol do not specify exactly how application programs interact with the protocol software. Thus the interface architecture is not standardized; its design lies outside of scope of the protocol suite. It is further should be noticed that it is inappropriate to tie the protocols to a particular interface because no single interface architecture works well on all systems. In particular, because protocol software resides in a computer’s operating system, interface details depend on the operating system.

In spite of lack of standards, a programmer must know about the such interfaces to be able to use TCP/IP. Although I have chosen UNIX operating system in order to explain the model, it has widely accepted and is used in many systems.

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