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Oct 16, 2011

Space Robots ppt | Humanoid Robotics paper presentation

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A robot built with human-like hands and camera eyes, now has the option of rolling around Earth on a modified two-wheeled  Segway scooter or grappling the International Space Station with what researchers call a "space leg". This paper presents ‘Robonaut’, a humanoid robot designed to revolutionize the future of the space age. Robonaut is one of a kind - a ‘New Generation Spacewalker’, ‘the first Space Telerobot’, that can work in space with simplicity and a high level of dexterity.
This paper enumerates Robonaut’s Technical Specifications, describes his anatomical and functional structure & the various tests performed on him. It highlights the development of robotic technology with future applications where humans & machines play complementary roles.

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