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Nov 29, 2011

Hi-Fi Wireless Audio Technology Paper presentation download Full

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Abstract: This paper presents a sufficiently low bit rate Hi-Fi audio coding technique with low computation designed for transmitting real-time high-quality audio signal over wireless channel. This technique applies wavelet packet transform to decompose audio signal into subbands to eliminate redundant data using spectral and temporal masking properties. The encoded audio data is framed with some critical field is protected by channel coding to improve noise immunity when frames are transmitted wirelessly. Experimental results show that transparent CD-audio quality can be achieved at 80kbps encoding bit rate. Moreover, the proposed technique still offers near CD-audio quality when frames are transmitted over AWGN channel with BER below 10-5. These encouraging results clearly exhibit the superior features of our technique compared to others such as Ogg/Vorbis and MP3, which are ubiquitously employed nowadays.

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