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Nov 1, 2011

Remote frame buffer protocol paper presentation download

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Abstract: Remote Desktop Softwares are those softwares which provide Remote Access. Remote Access means the ability of a user to log onto a remote computer or network from a distant location. This usually comprises of computers, a Network, and some remote access software to connect to the network. Since this involves clients and servers connected across a network,a protocol is essential for efficient communication between them. RFB protocol is one of such protocols which is used by the client and servers for communicating with each other and thereby making Remote Access possible. The purpose of this Paper is to give a general idea as to how this Protocol actually works. This paper also gives a broad idea about the various messages of this protocol and how these messages are send and interpreted by the client and server modules. This Paper also includes a Simple implementation of the Protocol which shows the various messages and methods and how this protocol is practically used for gaining remote access.
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