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Nov 8, 2011

Seminar paper on Keystroke Analysis ppt abstract full

Seminar Papers Pharmacy Presentations technical IEEE ppts topics Abstract on KeyStroke Analaysis (Seminar Paper Presentations)
Abstract: In this paper, a new methodology has been proposed by which the keystroke analysis can be combined with the existing authentication mechanisms through keyboard to improve the security of delicate applications to a very high extent. It can be useful to ascertain the intruders and reject them from the system, provided that we are able to deal with the typing rhythms of the intruders. Unlike other techniques, keystroke sampling does not require any specific hardware. Our approach can rely on what is typed by people because of their normal job, preferably username and password, and show attractive accuracies. As a consequence, we argue that our method can be used as a complementary or alternative way for user authentication and as an aid to intrusion detection to improve computer security.
Keywords: Keystroke analysis, Identity verification, Bio metric techniques.

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