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Nov 29, 2011

Seminar presentations on 4G Technology full

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Abstract: Third-generation (3G) mobile networks face a new rival: so-called 4G. And, astonishingly, the new networks may even be profitable. Alvin Toffler, an eminent futurologist, once said, “THE FUTURE ALWAYS COMES TOO FAST, BUT IN THE WRONG ORDER”. The state of wireless telecoms is a classic example. Even as 3G mobile networks are being switched on around the world, a couple of years later than planned, attention is shifting to what comes next: a group of newer technologies that are, inevitably, being called Fourth Generation Mobile Networks (4G). 4G is all about an integrated, global network that's based on an open systems approach.The goal of 4G is to replace the current proliferation of core cellular networks with a single worldwide cellular core network standard based on IP for control, video, packet data, and VoIP. This integrated 4Gmobile system provides wireless users an affordable broadband mobile access solutions for the applications of secured wireless mobile Internet services with value-added QoS. This paper gives the reasons for the evolution of 4G, though 3G has not deployed completely. And then gives the information on the structure of the transceiver for 4G followed by the modulation techniques needed for the 4G. Later this gives the information about the 4G Processing .Finally concludes with futuristic views for the quick emergence of this emerging technology.
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