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Nov 24, 2011

Seminar Presentations on Emerging Behaviour of Artificial Intelligence

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Abstract: From the time immemorial masses have witnessed inspiration of nature for researchers in many different ways. Consider case of ants, individual ant is quite simple insect with limited memory and it is just capable of performing simple actions. However when an ant colony is considered, it expresses a complex collective behavior providing intelligent solutions to problems like carrying large items, forming bridges and finding the shortest routes from the nest to a food source etc. that is a single ant has no global knowledge about the task it is performing instead the ant's actions are based on local decisions and are usually unpredictable. The intelligent behavior naturally emerges as a consequence of the self-organization and indirect communication between the ants. This type of behavior is usually called Emergent Behavior or Emergent Intelligence. Such study provides many important techniques that can be used in the development of distributed artificial intelligent systems. Self-improving systems are a promising new approach to developing artificial intelligence. We need not just a logical understanding of the technology but a deep sense of the values we cherish most. With both logic and inspiration we can work toward building a technology that empowers the human spirit rather than diminishing it. The focus of the paper is discussion of the very recent concept called emergent intelligence as a branch of artificial intelligence.

Keywords: AI, TSP, EI, GA.
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