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Nov 5, 2011

Wearable Computing Technology seminar abstract full

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Current portable computers and PDA s fail to truly become part of our daily lives in the sense that we need to stop what we are doing and expend conscious effort to use them. They also do not have the situational awareness that they should have  while they are not being explicitly used, they are unable to remain attentive to possible ways to help the user. In response to these problems, a personal, wearable and multimedia computer that perceives and responds to the wearer's affective state offers a new kind of perceptual interface. Instead of asking the user to continuously select preferences from a menu, the affective wearable gets to know its wearer's preferences by recognizing and responding to signals that carry emotional information.
This paper exploits ‘wearable computers’ unique opportunity to record and index the visual environment of the user from the “first-person” perspective. It describes How the capabilities of wearable computers may be used to Provide task guidance in mobile computers. Here first we introduce the wearable computing idea and discuss requirements for a wearable computer systems. We then discuss its various real time applications and finally conclude with an outlook on future Research directions.
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