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Dec 28, 2011

Applied Cryptography and Network Security paper presentation ppt

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Abstract: It’s personal. It’s private. And it’s no one’s business but yours. You may be planning a political campaign, discussing your taxes, or having a secret romance. Or you may be communicating with a political dissident in a repressive country. Whatever it is, you don’t want your private electronic mail (email) or confidential documents read by anyone else. There’s nothing wrong with asserting your privacy. Privacy is as apple-pie as the Constitution.
But with the coming of the information age, starting with the invention of the telephone, all that has changed. Now most of our conversations are conducted electronically. This allows our most intimate conversations to be exposed without our knowledge. Cellular phone calls may be monitored by anyone with a radio. Email is rapidly replacing postal mail, becoming the norm for everyone, not the novelty it was in the past. And email can be routinely and automatically scanned for interesting keywords, on a large scale, without detection.

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