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Dec 5, 2011

IRIS Recognition System for Authentication Paper Presentations

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Abstract: Identification of a person to be himself has been a historical concern. The persons today get identified by their signatures, PIN, passwords. But with the increasing insecure environment, where a person does not know when his ID card, password or signature will be stolen, there is an increased need for providing an identification system that recognize a person based on attributes that are impossible to steal. The Iris with its unique characteristics provides the errorless way of recognizing individuals.
The Iris recognition system uses a video based system to locate the Iris in the eye. The information of the Iris is then converted to the IrisCode, which then is compared with the stored IrisCode for the identification of the individual.
The unique nature of the Iris guarantee that the individual is recognized to be himself. No two persons have the same Iris structure,not even the same person’s two eyes have the same structure of iris.The recognition principle is the failure of a test of statistical independence on iris phase structure encoded by multi-scale quadrature wavelets.

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