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Dec 13, 2011

Paper presentation download on Optical Camouflage

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Abstract:This paper describes a kind of active device camouflage system named optical camouflage. While new high-performance, light-aerogel and light-transmitting concrete compel us to question the nature of solidity, a new technology developed by University of Tokyo seeks to make matter disappear altogether. Scientists at Tachi Laboratory have developed Optical Camouflage, which utilizes a collection of devices working in concert to render a subject invisible.

Although more encumbering and complicated than Harry Potter's invisibility cloak, this system has essentially the same goal, rendering invisibility by slipping beneath the shining, silvery cloth. Optical Camouflage uses the Retro-reflective Projection Technology, a projection-based augmented–reality system composed of a projector with a small iris and a retroreflective screen. The object that needs to be made transparent is Painted or covered with retroreflective material. Then a projector projects the background image on it making the masking object virtually transparent.

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