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Dec 24, 2011

Role of Grid Computing in Internet seminar topics download

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Abstract: In recent years, numerous organizations have been vying for donated resources for their grid applications. Potential resource donors are inundated with worth- while grid projects such as discovering a cure for AIDS, finding large prime numbers, and searching for extraterrestrial intelligence. We believe that fundamental to the establishment of a grid computing framework where all (not just large organizations) are able to effectively tap into the resources available on the global network is the establishment of trust between grid application developers and resource donors. Resource donors must be able to trust that their security, safety, and privacy policies will be respected by programs that use their systems.
The purpose of this seminar to give the basic overview of Grid computing, in such way that reader will able to understand basic concept of grid computing, principal operation and some of the issues of Grid computing.
Grid computing enables the use and pooling of computer and data resources to solve complex mathematical problems. The technique is the latest development in an evolution that earlier brought forth such advances as distributed computing, the Worldwide Web, and collaborative computing.

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