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Dec 24, 2011

Wearable Computers abstract papers full download

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Abstract:Small is beautiful has always been in vogue right from the Charles Babbage’s computational computer to todays’ PDA . Technology has manifestated itself into micro miniature forms with the power and processing speeds compatible to the rather cumbersome titanic counterparts. Complimenting the technical advancements, new vistas have opened, thus expanding the technological horizons. Wearable Computers is one such invention that facilitates us to look through the portals of human computer interaction based on small body worn computer system that is always ON and always ready and accessible. In this regard, the new computational framework differs from that of hand held devices, laptop computers and Personal Digital Assistants (PDA's). The major devices in which the wearable computers have made significant advancement and are now full-fledged devices that can be worn as clothing or accessories are increasing exponentially with respect to time. Novel devices like Aimon Eyetap, Head mount display, Landwarrior, Calculator watch and Sight for the blind which stand testimony to the impact of wearable computers are elucidated further into the presentation.

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