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Jan 12, 2012

Molecular Nanotechnology Seminar abstract full

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Abstract:Any Organization has an explicit or implicit code of ethics rules that its members are expected to follow. We expect merchants to be honest, police men to be honorable and librarians to be informative. There are at least three ethical systems that are commonly used to administer different types of resources. Defending against loss is best achieved by Guardian ethics, which include that use of force and deception.
Nanotechnology presents a wide range of problems and opportunities, not just diverse issues, but different kinds of issues. Many of these issues have arisen already with older technologies and institutions. Some of the issues are new, and even the old issues take on new urgency when they occur in new combinations.Nanotech will make most exiting products quite a bit more powerful and flexible, it will probably also allow the creation of new products and even new ways of manufacturing and distributing products.
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