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Jan 25, 2012

Nano Technology: The Future on a Pin-Tip Paper Presentation

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Abstract:The field of molecular electronics or CAEN(Chemically Assembled Electronic Nanotechnology) seeks to perform functions in electronic circuitry, now-a-days performed by semiconductor devices. Nanotechnology will make us healthy and wealthy though not necessarily wise. In a few decades, this emerging manufacturing technology will let us inexpensively arrange atoms and molecules in most of the ways permitted by physical law. It will let us make supercomputers “that fit on the head of a pin” and fleets of medical nano-robots smaller than a human cell able to eliminate cancer, infections, clogged arteries, and even old age. People will look back on this era with the same feelings we have toward medieval times. The progress of technology around the world has already given us more precise, less expensive manufacturing technologies that can make an unprecedented diversity of new products. Nowhere is this more evident than in computer hardware: computational power has increased exponentially while the finest feature sizes have steadily shrunk into the deep submicron range.

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