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Jan 14, 2012

Optical and Wireless LAN Seminar Paper presentation

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Abstract:Optical LAN means data is carried over optical fiber cables. Fiber optic LAN, the medium for data transmission in optical fiber (transparent glass with coding). The LAN bus is of fiber optic cable technology has been developed on the basis of theoretical work by DR.CHARLES KAO (ITI, USA) during 1966. The first commercial fiber optic cables system was introduced in 1977. The fiber optic technology has progressed rapidly after 1985 applications include control and communication cables.
The wireless LANs have been developed during 1990s.the technology of wireless LANs (hardware and software) has tremendous commercial scope and continuous developments are taking place in hardware and software and new user friendly wireless LANs are expected to be introduced in market to supplement conventional wired LANs. Conventional LANs have hard wired or fiber-optic data bus to which computer terminals, server computer, other hardware like printer, file-server etc. is connected.

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