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Jan 13, 2012

Vehicle Monitoring and Control System Using Microcontroller Paper presentation

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Abstract:It is observed that most of the accidents occur due to the driver’s ignorance of traffic and safety rules. It is a practice for the drivers to drive the vehicle beyond permitted limits. Depending on the terrain, and other conditions, speed restrictions may be imposed on drivers from time to time. Therefore, a system monitoring the speed and other desired vehicle parameters can be installed in the vehicle to warn the driver appropriately and intervene to control if necessary.
One may not know the instantaneous position of a vehicle and its arrival time. Generally, the truck operators depend on intermittent telephone calls made by the drivers.To overcome such problems, an automatic monitoring system can be established with monitoring stations located at important major junctions, cities through which the vehicles ply. As the vehicle approaches a monitoring station, it has to automatically identify itself and upload critical data about the vehicle and operating conditions. The monitoring station can send modified control parameters and guidelines to the vehicle driver. For this purpose, we need a RF (radio frequency) transceiver system.
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