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Feb 4, 2012

Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line Paper presentation

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Abstract:ADSL technology is asymmetric. It allows more bandwidth downstream –from an NSP’s central office to customer site – than upstream from the subscriber to the central office. This asymmetry, companied with always-on access (which eliminates call setup), makes ADSL ideal for Internet/intranet surfing, video- on –demand, and remote LAN access. Uses of this application typically download much more information than they send.
ADSL transmits more than 6 Mbps to a subscriber, and as much as 640Kbps more in both directions. Such rate expands existing access capacity by a factor of 50 or more with out new cabling. ADSL can literally transform the existing public information network from one limited to voice, text, and low-resolution graphics to a powerful, ubiquitous system capable of bringing multimedia, including full motion video, to every home this century.

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