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Feb 6, 2012

DNA Computing Technology seminar papers ppt

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Abstract: Can you imagine a world without computers? No, it’s simply an absurd idea! Along similar lines can you imagine a computer that is 10 times as fast as current supercomputers and runs on DNA instead of your humdrum electronic micro-processor?
Say hello to DNA Super Computing, the next avatar of the molecule called DNA “Deoxyribonucleic Acid” known by the acronym DNA is a biological molecule present in all living organisms and holds the genetic information they require to subsist/exist. The DNA molecule forms the basis for this new approach to computation.

In this approach the problem to be solved is coded into the structure of the DNA molecule (this may be considered analogous to programming it)after which it can be used to compute and the resulting structure of the molecule is interpreted as a solution the problem that was coded into the original DNA molecules.

Although this field is very new and still very theoretical in nature, research in DNA Computing has shown that the molecule is a powerful tool for parallel processing applications, and due to its size ,it is perfect for nanotechnology applications.Not to mention that it presents almost limitless processing speed due to its ability for replication.
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