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Feb 16, 2012

Magnetic RAM Seminar presentation download

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Abstract:You hit the power button on your television and it instantly comes to life. But do the same thing with your computer and you have to wait a few minutes while it goes through its boot up sequence. Why can't we have a computer that turns on as instantly as a television or radio? IBM, in cooperation with Infineon, is promising to launch a new technology in the next few years that will eliminate the boot-up process. Magnetic random access memory (MRAM) has the potential to store more data, access that data faster and use less power than current memory technologies. The key to MRAM is that, as its name suggests, it uses magnetism rather than electrical power to store data. This is a major leap from dynamic RAM (DRAM), the most common type of memory in use today, which requires a continuous supply of electricity and is terribly inefficient. Twenty-five years ago, DRAM overtook ferrite core memory in the race to rule the PC memory market. Now it looks like ferromagnetic technology could be making a comeback, with IBM Corp. and Infineon Technologies charging a joint team of 80 engineers and scientists with the task of making magnetic RAM (MRAM) a commercial reality within four years.

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