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Feb 26, 2012

Paper Presentation on Global Positioning System (GPS)

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Abstract:If we are ever been lost and wished there was an easy way to find out which way we needed to go and ever find that perfect fishing or hunting spot and not been able to remember how to get back to it easily? How about finding ourselves out hiking and not known which direction we should go to get back? Ever been flying along and needed to locate the nearest airport or identify the type of air space we were in? With GPS (Global Positioning System) unit we could know where we are located on the planet at all times. Whether it be for fun, saving lives, or whatever use you can ever dream of, GPS navigation is becoming more common every day. In this paper, we have elucidated the segments of GPS, the working principle, and its receiver technology. Besides these we also elaborated the sources of errors in GPS positioning, working of DGPS (Differential GPS), and WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System). The concepts of Mapping and Navigation are briefed. A brief description of Mapping, Navigation is dealt and finally the important applications of GPS are discussed.
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