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Feb 4, 2012

Paper Presentation on Artificial Intelligence in Computer games

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Abstract:In computer games, Artificial Intelligence generally means creating computer players that can think rationally and also can act humanly. First problems of game AI were solved by making challenging computer players that play the best move. But as the games involved more imagination, new problems emerged such as designing humanly behaving and responding characters. Games are traditionally played by a group of players. Few examples are chess, hide-and-seek, football. In contrast, many computer games are single-player. So, there is a problem of interactivity in computer games. If the player perceives the game to be a deterministic machine, giving predictable outcomes, it probably will no longer feel like a game. To solve this problem, AI programmers create rational agents in the game to give the illusion of human players. If the player is faced by the challenge to win against intelligent rational opponents, the game feels more like a game.

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