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Feb 20, 2012

Spintronics-Future of Digital World IEEE paper presentation topics

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Abstract:In our electronics field ,all these years from the discovery of the electron so many scientists have made themselves as bricks to build this large structure called ‘digital world’ which is what we are enjoying today .To still satisfy common man needs they thought of rebuilding these structure and started doing it from the scratch the basement of this world “a ELECTRON” all these what we are using today depend on the charge of the electron rather then its other basic property ‘spin’ .so, they started exploiting this property giving rise to new field of electronics called “spintronics”.
We try to present this ambitious side of electronics in layman terms, By the end of the paper we make u understand what is spintronics? .we start with a brief history of it and continue with explaining some important terms like spin hotspots, spin relaxation and moving further we explain how to control the spin and basic devices that formed basing spintronics and sailing through we make u know the fruits of this field (applications) and leaving u with the leads that has further scope of research and chances of exploitations.

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