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Feb 27, 2012

Universal Mobile Access Seminar presentation ppts

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Abstract:The idea of using unlicensed radio in mobile handsets for interconnecting with the core mobile network is interesting both technically and economically. The installed base of wireless access points has increased through the emergence of reasonable priced and easy to use WLAN equipment to accessing Internet with broadband connections. The use of unlicensed radio spectrums is expected to give economical benefits both for the end users and to operators. The wireless industry has been searching for low-cost licensed indoor coverage solutions since the beginning of mobile networks. Unfortunately, the bulk of this opportunity (i.e. residential environments) has been beyond the addressable market for cost and operational reasons.

UMA is the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) global standard for subscriber access to mobile circuit, packet and IMS-based services over any IP-based access network, including the Internet. With UMA, mobile operators can now leverage the cost and performance advantages of IP access technologies (DSL, Cable, Wi-Fi...) to deliver high-quality, low-cost mobile voice and data services in the locations where subscribers spend most of their time - the home and office. Fundamentally, UMA provides a standard, scalable, secure IP interface into the core service network of mobile operators.Based on a literature study, this paper depicts the current situation of UMA technology and its influence for businesses of operators and telecomm vendors as well as the benefits for the users.
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