Mar 4, 2012

A Nanotechnological Approach to Contaminated Water Treatment

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Abstract:Scarcity of water, in terms of both quantity and quality, poses a significant threat to the current and future well-being of people worldwide, but especially to people in developing countries. Sustainable water management is a critical aspect of addressing poverty, equity, and related issues. Science and technology has a role to play in contributing to the development of new methods, tools, and techniques to solve specific water quality and quantity problems. Projects that meet economic, social, and environmental criteria can contribute to sustainable management of water resources and improve access to clean water for poor people in developing countries. This paper provides an overview of water treatment devices that incorporate nanotechnology; some of these are already on the market while others are still in development. The paper then explores potential environmental and health risks, risk governance issues, and socio-economic issues regarding the potential use of nanotechnology to improve access to clean water and basic sanitation.

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