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Mar 28, 2012

Paper presentation Simulation of Human Intelligence to an AI ppt

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Abstract:Humans have contributed to a great extent to the meaning of life. The real conundrum is not when human life begins, but, 'what is the value of human life?' Humans are the key to existence. They have reflected their intelligence in discoveries and inventions which, by time, made them live a better, comfortable and happy life.
To create an artificial being has been a dream of man since the birth of science. By simulating human intelligence to an artificial being makes that being think and act like a human. How far we have come? The artificial being is a reality of perfect simulacrum, articulated in limb, articulated in speech, and not lacking in human response. Our aim is to make the artificial being to reach its highest form i.e., universally adopted mechanical organism, the basis for hundreds of models, serving the human race in all the multiplicity of daily life.
Why do humans need mechanical machines as slaves? And why does he want them to think like him? The answer lies in his perception. By simulation of human neural networks through algorithms, it is possible to replicate human intelligence, what we call “Artificial Perception”. But what about the human senses and human emotions? AI researches predict a possibility to simulate through advanced AI programs embedded into a sensory chip. LISP and PROLOG are some of the good AI languages which make this task possible.

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