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Mar 28, 2012

Wireless Communication using Wibree Paper presentation

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Abstract:The number of computing and telecommunications devices is increasing and consequently the focus on how to connect them to each other. The usual solution is to connect the devices with a cable or sometimes using infrared light to make file transfer and synchronization possible. The infrared solution eliminates the cable but requires line of sight.
To solve these problems a new technology, Wibree radio technology complements other local connectivity technologies , consuming only a fraction of the power compared to other such radio technologies, enabling smaller and less costly implementations and being easy to integrate with Bluetooth solutions to connect a wide range of computing and telecommunications devices easily and simply without the need for connecting cables. Furthermore it can also be used to enable communication between several units, such as small radio LANs. This results in a multitude of possible future user scenarios. This article focuses on why this technology has got a large attention although it is in development, pro’s and con’s with respect to other technologies and lot’s more.

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