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Apr 18, 2012

Dynamic Routing with Security using a Blow fish algorithm

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Abstract:This paper proposes dynamic routing with security using a cryptographic algorithm within multiple organization system. The security has become one of the major issues for data communication over worldwide networks. The main objective of the paper is to propose a dynamic routing with security considered using strongest algorithm, such as Blow fish algorithm which is a provide the strong security from the client to the server system. The dynamic routing provides to avoid two consecutive packets on the same link and updates the routing information from neighbours of the router in the network. In this main object of this paper is a provide strong security from many a organizations to a head of the organization, such as Banks, Colleges, Companies, Universities which is a need for strongest security for data communication from one organization to other, because any one is a hacking their data information of the organizations again have to recollect data information, so this paper main issue of a strongest security and less time for data transmission from the clients to a server.

Keywords- Blowfish Algorithm, Client-Server system, Distributed computing, Dynamic routing, Multi-Autonomous system, Cryptography system.

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