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May 8, 2012

Optical Computing full abstract seminar topics

Seminar Papers Presentations IEEE ppts topics abstract on Optical Computing (Seminar Paper Presentations)
Abstract:We live in interesting times . By exceeding good fortune , we happen to live in an era where computing is taking new meanings and is manifesting itself in new spheres of activity by the day. In these circumstances, the need for processing power will not be denied. By the limitations of nature, silicon can aid us in our quest for dominion only to such an extent. Overcoming maudlin sentimentality will be our biggest challenge in this coming generation, for the future, belongs elsewhere. Nanotechnology, Molecular technology and quantum computing all have shown tremendous promise in being the next big wave of the future. However, while the former two are further branches down the same dead end road, the latter is unable to break the shackles of science fiction in a convincing way. An intermediate step down this road, we believe lies in the direction of optical computing. With the exciting new discoveries that have captured the attention of the whole world in the last year, no longer can we afford to let optical computing remain a term in the dictionary. If we are to remain competent, the future lies that way.

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