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May 15, 2012

Temporal Reflective Database Access Control (TRDBAC) Paper Presentation

Seminar Papers Presentations IEEE ppt topics abstract on (TRDBAC) Temporal Reflective Database Access Control (Seminar Paper Presentations)
Abstract: Database access control policies can become extremely complicated and complex in large databases such as hospital medical systems, banks and enterprise resource planning systems of large enterprises etc. The complexity in access control policies may results in security breaches if the policies are ambiguous, not well defined and implemented incorrectly. e.g. HSBC database security breach reported in year 2006 in which an ex-employee swiped away almost 24,000 customers accounts due to incorrect access policies. The access control policies define the rights and privileges of users on database objects. In order to keep these database systems secure, the database security should provide controlled, protected access to the contents of a database as well as preserve the integrity, consistency, and overall quality of the data. In order to implement the consistent database access control policies, a number of models have been developed by the database security community such as, discretionary (DAC) and mandatory (MAC) access control models, role-based access control model (RBAC), reflective database access control (RDBAC). RDBAC is a relatively new and more expressive access control model that provides a more fine-grained level control than the previous models. Move over database privilege is expressed as a database query itself, rather than as a static privilege contained in an access control matrix.

Index Terms - Access control policies; Controlled access; Reflective database access control; RDBAC; Temporal Reflective Database Access Control; TRDBAC

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