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May 28, 2012

Virtual Database Technology for Distributed Database abstract ppt

Seminar Papers Presentations IEEE ppt topics abstract on Virtual Database Technology for Distributed Database (Seminar Paper Presentations)
Abstract:In this paper, our research objective is to develop a database virtualization technique so that data analysts or other users who apply data mining methods to their jobs can use all ubiquitous databases in the Internet as if they were recognized as a single database, thereby helping to reduce their workloads such as data collection from the Internet databases and data cleansing works. In this study, firstly we examine XML scheme advantages and propose a database virtualization method by which such ubiquitous databases as relational databases, object-oriented databases, and XML databases are useful, as if they all behaved as a single database. Next, we show the method of virtualization of ubiquitous databases can describe ubiquitous database schema in a unified fashion using the XML schema. Moreover, it consists of a high-level concept of distributed database management of the same type and of different types, and also of a location transparency feature. Finally, we develop a common schema generation method and propose the virtual database query language for use in a virtualized ubiquitous database use environment.

Keywords-component; database virtualization; data mining; XML schema; ubiquitous databases; database integration; database query

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