Jun 30, 2012

Analysis of Database Remote Attack Defense IEEE Paper presentation Full

Seminar Papers Presentations IEEE ppts topics abstract on Analysis of Database Remote Attack Defense (Seminar Paper Presentations)
Abstract: with the development of database technology and the popularity of Internet, the database applications have been increasingly widespread; we must face on some serious database security. The database system is the aggregates of the message, and it is the core components of the computer message system. The security of database is very important; it is related to the success of enterprise and national security. So how to protect the security of database and protect the SQL select, update, delete the data, not attacked by the illegal access, it has became one of the important explored issues of the industry.
In the development of WEB Programming, this paper put forward the on the data remote attack defense skills to the basic attack technology which is based on the database access. The programmers should pay more attention to the skills when they develop the B/S System. And this paper also told us some considerations on the security of the database management system.

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