Jun 28, 2012

Grid-JQA a New Architecture for QoS-guaranteed Grid Computing System

Seminar Papers Presentations abstract Full on Grid-JQA a New Architecture for QoS-guaranteed Grid Computing System (Seminar Paper Presentations)
Abstract: Resource manager is an integrated component of Grid computing and distributed computing environment. New challenges appear in resource management such as security and quality of services. Due to lack of central control within Grid computing, the resource management is a difficult task. One of the most important tasks of the resource management is to achieve high system throughput. It can be done by finding the best match between the application needs and the available computing resources. Guaranteeing QoS in a non-deterministically shared heterogeneous environment is the main challenge of the matching task. In this paper we introduce a novel solution to guarantee the quality of service in Grid computing environment by using Active Database. It accommodates some actions to be down automatically by insert, delete or update transactions. As a result the best matching is obtained by using the most up to date information. After comparing our solution with others, we ascertained that our solution is safe factory and acceptable in the limits of performance.
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